And Now For Something Completely Different

No card to share today – because we have a new member of our household!  If you’re friends with me on Facebook you’ve probably already seen some pictures…and if you were in one of my Zoom classes over the weekend you also got a look at him.
This is Noah, and 8-week-old Yellow Labrador Retriever seeing-eye-dog puppy in training!  Glenn and I applied to be puppy carers and were approved 6 months ago. We then had to wait for a litter to be born with a puppy for us!
He’s been busy exploring and learning: 


to sleep in a crate,

to spend time tethered on a mat in our offices,
to wear his coat….and to toilet on our balcony, but I’ll spare you pictures of that!

I’m re-learning how to fit my chores and crafting in while he’s occupied with his toys,  sleeps or is with Glenn, just like when I had babies and toddlers.  Fortunately, we’re already seeing a difference in the amount of time he’ll tolerate being left to his own (supervised) devices.  

Noah will be with us for 8-12 months depending on how Vision Australia’s training schedule works out.  I’ll give you occasional updates, or you can friend my personal page on Facebook if you haven’t already.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Facebook Live Reminder

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