Cottage Greetings Kit Class Appetizer

I’ve been spending a lot of the last week getting caught up on paperwork/bookkeeping and figuring out where to put things in the renovated kitchen.  It’s not complete yet, but enough of the drawers and cabinets are so that I can put things in them.  I want to do things right, not just throw them in, so I’m plotting out where everything should go.  Very time consuming!

But today I cleared my afternoon to start working on the Cottage Greetings Kit (AC p. 154).  The kit comes with supplies to make 4 each of 3 different style of cards, for a total of 12 cards.  Well, you know I can’t stand to make 4 identical cards if I have a choice about it, so I’ve found some alternative uses for the kit.

Here’s what I’ve got so far – the bottom row is the kit as designed, and the top row are 3 alternative uses:

I’m going to come up with several more and then offer a class to make them all!  Wouldn’t you like to have these in your stash???!!!  Look for this class sometime soon…

You’ve read my spiel for a couple of weeks now…just go sign up already!!  

If you’re reading this on Monday night there’s still a few hours to get signed up for August’s kit…but you have to do it before midnight MT.

Otherwise you’ll get the great September and October kits.
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