Don’t Miss Anything in 2021

My brain has been whirling away the last few weeks, and now my content calendar is bursting with ideas! If you want to be sure you’re not missing a single thing you’ll need to be sure you’re connected with me.

I am so excited to share my new stamping hangout, Nancy’s Nifty Notemakers, a private, exclusive Facebook group where all my stamping friends can meet, create, share and learn together.

I will be posting a variety of content there, and encourage members to share their creations and stories, ask & answer questions, and build a fun, supportive stamping community.  To join, click on the link and answer the questions to be approved.

Subscribe to my email list right now so you’re all set to receive my stepped-up online newsletters! I will be sending exclusive projects, tool tips, techniques to try, and lots more. Keep your eyes open for these to come throughout the week.

So I don’t flood your inbox, I will no longer be sending out my individual blog posts.  Really – this is the last one!  I’ll still be posting at least 3 times per week…you’ll just need to hop over to to see them. Take this opportunity right now to bookmark this address – or even set it as your startup page in your browser!

My goal is to be sure that my stamping friends are receiving the best of what I have to offer…be sure you’re connected so you don’t miss out!

Nancy’s Nifty Notemakers Exclusive Facebook Group
Nancy’s Nifty Notes Blog
Nancy’s Nifty Notes Newsletter


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