Give your Paper Trimmer a Tune-Up!

January is always a great month for cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering it seems.  While you’re taking a break from re-organizing your linen closet (LOL), take a few minutes and give your paper trimmer some TLC!  

This video was published by Stampin’ Up! demonstrator France Martin (a.k.a. Frenchie) last summer, and has been touted as the solution to blades not running smoothly, paper having ragged cuts, and other annoyances that come with our wonderful trimmer.  I just did the 2 trimmers in my collection that see minimal use (since I have the now-retired Stampin’ Up!  guillotine cutter that I use 95% of the time) and was amazed at the amount of dust and gunk I cleaned off, and how smoothly my blades run on the track.

So sit back and enjoy Frenchie’s sense of humor and colloquialisms, and get your paper trimmer running in top shape.  

Note:  while this is specifically about the Stampin’ Up! trimmer, I think many of these ideas will work well on whatever brand of sliding track trimmer you own.

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