Happy Hedgehogs Fun Fold Card

I spotted this fun fold in a post by Lavonne Schwendeman in a Facebook group for demonstrators and had to give it a go.

Lavonne had found a template in centimetres, and converted it to inches. I tracked down the centimetre template to make mine. I’m including both for you:

It’s not particularly difficult, but there is a bit of figuring out for how to make the cuts for the top and the DSP layers. I did a bit of trial-and-error on mine, LOL! I’ll be back with a tutorial if I ever wrap my brain around how to describe how to do it.

How about those cute hedgies, hey?

Here’s a list of the supplies I used…clicking on a picture will take you to that product’s page in my Online Store.


2 thoughts on “Happy Hedgehogs Fun Fold Card”

  1. Nancy, this is so cute. I did make my base with Lavonne’s template but I’m really struggling with the triangles. I flunked Geometry in high school! I have 4 reams of practice cardstock and I’m afraid I’ll use it all…lol. Did you ever wrap your brain around a tutorial or actual measurements. My brain is hurting at the moment! I’ve tried all different measurements but can’t get the angle correctly at the top. Thank you for any help you can give me. You did a fantastic job.

    • Hi Karen,

      This card is still sitting in my Fun Folds box waiting to be figured out…it will hopefully happen in the next 6 months, LOL! I will be sure to let you know when I’ve got it down.

      Thanks for the note,


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