Today marks 3 weeks into our adventure in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  For anyone not following along on Facebook, here’s a summary of life so far:
  • Arrived on schedule with everyone having a great flight, including Booth.  Much was made of him by the entire Qantas crew, including all of the flight deck officers.  
  • Unfortunately, both Nicole and Glenn came down with colds as soon as we got unpacked in our serviced apartment hotel.  
  • Despite Glenn’s being sick, we hit the ground running and he got through all the administrative stuff he needed for his job at Melbourne Business School.  
  • Then we turned to looking for a long-term rental property.  We viewed many online, and inspected 8-9 in person.  We applied to rent 3-4, and wound up with our favorite one! More on this whole process in another post.
  • At this point it’s day 10 of our stay in Melbourne, and time for Glenn to fly to Paris for an annual conference he’d agreed to participate in before we knew our move dates.  We calculated he spent slightly more time traveling to and from (via Singapore) than he did on the ground.  
  • He arrived back to our serviced apartment on Tuesday night, and found that we had everything packed and ready for our early morning move 6 blocks west to the new apartment.
  • While Glenn was flying halfway around the world and back, I had picked out some furniture from Ikea and another store and arranged for it to be delivered and assembled Wednesday morning.  
  • I was told that the dining table I’d ordered was out of stock and wouldn’t be delivered for another week, so I turned to social media and got the loan of a folding table from someone who lives nearby.  Gotta love Facebook Groups!
  • Stocking of household basics continued with some online shopping and some trips to shops.  More of these adventures in future posts.
If you’re wanting something as quaint as a mailing address, here it is:
1801/151 Berkeley Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

I can still be reached at my same email addresses: or nhoetker@  If you have an Apple device you can also message/text or FaceTime me at those addresses.  Don’t worry about what time it is here, I’ve got do not disturb turned on for when I’m sleeping.  Would love to keep up with what you’re doing, too!

Until next time….


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