Paper Strip Storage Solution

Every once in a while I have to tackle a recurring issue…an accumulation of too many Basic White paper scraps. In particular, I had a huge number of thin strips. Here’s why:

I use a LOT of 10 x 14.4 cm Basic White panels on my cards. They are my standard inside layer for coloured card bases, and I often use them as a layer on card fronts. I find it really helpful to have them pre-cut for both my own crafting and to be able to put in class kits. I also use a fair number of 9.5 x 13.9 cm layers, too. So I cut an entire pack of Basic White – about 75% in the larger size and 25% in the smaller.

This leaves me with a lot of strips that seem like they’d be very useful, and they are, especially if they are nice and neat like the ones on the left, and not jumbled and crumpled like the ones on the right.

So I made a thing.

That’s an up-cycled plastic container that I covered with some retired DSP. (Glenn has learned to ask if something is being cleaned to keep for reuse or recycling!)

I made a very basic chipboard divider and popped it in the container.

And added my sorted strips. There’s still many more than I’ll probably ever use, but now they’re organised, and my chaos meter can settle down.

What storage hacks have you found for your crafting supplies?

How is your supply of Basic White going? It is the bare minimum I need to be able to craft, and would I would grind to a halt if I didn’t have any. You can stock up in my Online Store!


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