Quick and Easy Christmas Ideas Part 1

It’s 3 weeks until Christmas…are you going to be ready?  Over the next few days I’ll share some of my tricks for getting everything done.
Have a stash of useful little items from the
​Good Things Come in Little Packages Class
Every year we give out so many gift cards and little gifts to teachers/neighbors/ hostesses/colleagues.  Don’t just put a generic tag or bow on them…come create a stash of creative packaging that will be well received!   I’ve done all the design work – you get to do all the crafting fun!

Projects will include:

  • Gift card/money holders
  • Wine/beverage bottle tags and wraps
  • Treat packages with treats – perfect for Secret Santa, colleagues, stocking stuffers and more!
  • This class will be a project “buffet” where you can choose the number of each type of treat package you want to make. 
  • Minimum class cost is $20 for 5 projects…additional projects can be added on.
  • Please contact me if you want to make more than 10 projects so I’m sure to have enough supplies on hand.

Looking for creative gift packaging for a specific present?  Bring it!
Note:  class dates changed from earlier announcements
Wednesday, December 14
9:30 am – noon

Thursday, December 15
7:00 – 9:30 pm

RSVP by Sunday, December 11

Quick and Easy Gifts and Stocking Stuffers
$5 and less!
I’m placing an order on Tuesday, December 6…if you’re local and want to save on shipping let me know what you want me to add in for you!


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