Rococo Rose Birthday

Another card made at my February Monthly Card Class.  I do just love this Beautiful Friendship stamp set, and how you can change up the colours and layouts to make so many beautiful cards.  I CASE’d it from one I saw on Pinterest by Charity Wright.

Stamping could hardly be easier with this photopolymer set.  Since you can see exactly where you’re stamping it’s easy to just ink-and-stamp!  I do suggest using a bone folder, butter knife, spoon, popsicle stick, etc. to push the ink on the stamp pads to one end so that the etching on the stamps don’t get clogged with ink and you get all the wonderful detail.  Also be sure to use a piercing mat or a piece of fun foam under your cardstock to provide some cushioning.  One last tip: we started the stamping with the red rose on the top, right, then 2x the blue hydrangea, then the red rose on the left.

Here’s what we used…hope you give this set a try!


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