Why you should have a card kit on hand.

1) You want to make cards, but don’t have a lot of supplies.
    This could be because you’re just getting started with card crafting. Or because you’re traveling/moving.  Either way, an all-inclusive card kit is the perfect solution because along with a bit of adhesive and some paper snips you have everything you need to create a small stash of cards.  Plus, you then have another stamp set and Stampin’ Spot ink pad to add to your stash – double win!

2) You feel like crafting, but are out of ideas.
    Pull out a card kit and make a couple just like the directions say.  Then challenge yourself to mix it up on a couple…be a rule-breaker!  The cards shown in this post are are a combination of by-the-book and alternative designs, based on my personal needs.

3) It’s a great activity to do with family and friends.
    Family visiting?  Rainy day?  School holiday and the kids are bored?  Sit down with a card kit and some yummy snacks and connect in a new and creative way.  Challenge each other to make creative use of your kit’s supplies and have fun!

4) Makes a great gift.
    Whether you’re an advance-planner type or looking for something at the last minute, card kits can be a great go-to gift for friends and family.  In addition to the kit, you can include a note that offers to host a crafting get-together!

5) You want to make a lot of cards in a short amount of time.
    I confess, I am determined to send handmade Christmas cards to all 150 people on my list each year, but often run short of time…fortunately Stampin’ Up! has a great card kit to help boost my card count!  Likewise, a more general kit (with alternative designs) can generate a nice collection of thank-you cards if needed.  Bonus: most of our kits now come with refills – so you can make even more of a good thing!
The cards shown in this post are from the Soft Sayings Card Kit.  I brought it with me during my move to Australia, and while all of my crafting supplies were either jumbled into one suitcase or still in my shipping container crossing the Pacific, this was how I got my crafting fix.  I have used many of the cards already to thank various people who have been helpful in our transition to our new life, or to reach out to friends back in the U.S.

Check out all the great card kits Stampin’ Up! offers.
 Just click on a picture to go to my online store for more details and to order today!

(note: the first 3 card kits are all-inclusive, while the last 3 project kits require you to purchase the stamp set and ink separately)

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